The heart and soul of JourneyCare: our volunteers

The heart and soul of JourneyCare: our volunteers

What do volunteers mean to JourneyCare? They are more than people who express a willingness to help or undertake a service. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization.

With over 1,200 volunteers, JourneyCare's Volunteer Team provides extensive support and care to our patients, their loved ones, and staff. JourneyCare offers volunteers the opportunity to share their unique knowledge, experiences, and gifts to make a difference in the lives of those we care for. 

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers can participate in over 50 different roles of their choosing. They offer companionship to patients, hep in our various offices, run errands for those needing assistance, provide pet therapy, assist our veterans, and so much more. 

Many of our special events are powered by the generosity and enthusiasm of our volunteers. The Duck Race and Pool Party held in Barrington every year supports JourneyCare’s All About Kids pediatric care program. Volunteers help organize the event, run different activity stations, and participate in the fun.

Volunteers can even indirectly help patients by participating in different craft projects. They work together to make blankets, plant gardens, create flower arrangements, and knit comfort items. There are endless ways and possibilities for volunteers to make an impact and difference.

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Trained to be confident and comfortable

Our volunteers are treated with the utmost respect and we want to make sure they feel comfortable and confident in the roles and responsibilities. It is one of the reasons why we offer extensive training to anyone who wants to volunteer with us. Even if the task provides support on an indirect level, we want all volunteers to have the resources they need to succeed.

For our volunteers, it’s more than just being a helping hand. Their experiences and opportunities leave a personal impact on them. Not only is what they’re doing meaningful, but it’s rewarding on so many levels. It allows them to share their talents and expertise in a new and unique way.

More than a volunteer

When someone selflessly and voluntarily sacrifices their time to do good for someone else, they become bigger than themselves. At the end of the day, our volunteers feel proud of their contributions. And they mean more to JourneyCare than they can imagine.

We appreciate our amazing volunteers and show them by celebrating with events, cookouts, parties, and awards. It’s more than being a volunteer. It’s about being part of a larger picture in helping families feel loved and supported by their community.

Join our team!

Volunteering is very much about YOU. You help impact the lives of those cared for by JourneyCare and you choose how you would like to contribute, as well as your preferred location. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in any of the many ways described on our Volunteer Opportunities page, click to apply. Your help would be invaluable! 

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