Spa Bleu salon: Pampering hospice patients with spa days

Posted by Sarah Walker-Bending, Social Worker

Spa Bleu salon: Pampering hospice patients with spa days
Spa Bleu salon generously provides complimentary spa services to JourneyCare patients and their loved ones.

Just over two years ago, a young mother arrived at our Barrington CareCenter to receive end-of-life care. One of her final wishes was to create some memories with her young daughter during her very limited time left.

One request was to have a final “spa day” together. After contacting multiple local salons to assist with this very special request, Spa Bleu quickly returned the call to say they would love to offer their services for no charge and make her wish a reality. This began our amazing partnership with Spa Bleu.  

Unfortunately, the beautiful mother’s decline was so rapid that the spa day could not be completed as we hoped. However, I vividly remember the smile on her face while we planned it and she envisioned it happening.

When Spa Bleu learned we would not be able to complete the request, they wanted to make sure that the patient’s daughter could come to their gorgeous facility and complete the event. Following the funeral, the daughter and her friend were pampered with a complete spa day. When I brought her a favorite milkshake to the salon, the thank-you hug she gave me was something I will always cherish. The manager of Spa Bleu, Colleen, was more than gracious and wanted to make sure we knew they would be happy to assist again.

Months later, another young mother at our Woodstock CareCenter had a similar request. Days before her death, Spa Bleu sent over a team of stylists and specialists to provide some pampering and memories for her family. Before having their nails done, they were also able to create some fingerprint pendants and artwork together. Her daughters said they will treasure those forever. At the end of the visit I sat beside her. Exhausted and with tears flowing from her closed eyes, she squeezed my hand and whispered, “Thank you.” 

Spa Bleu salonShortly after, the team from Spa Bleu asked if they could continue to be involved with helping our patients on a regular basis. We quickly scheduled a meeting to discuss how to further use their amazing skills. A monthly Spa Bleu Day was created! 

In March, our Barrington CareCenter had its seventh monthly Spa Bleu Day. Since September 2017, Spa Bleu has sent a team once a month, as well as for special requests, to provide services like complete hair care, massages and manicures for our patients and their loved ones free of charge. 

Within the last seven months, Spa Bleu has provided 171 complimentary spa services to our patients and their loved ones at our Barrington CareCenter, and the response has been incredible on both sides. Watching the smiles and the tears from everyone involved in this partnership has been a gift. The amount of times I’ve heard the Spa Bleu team referred to as “angels” by our patient families is countless. Our team continues to look forward to each month’s Spa Bleu day as our patients and their loved ones receive an added level of care and comfort.

                      Spa Bleu JourneyCare visit 4Spa Bleu JourneyCare visit 1 Spa Bleu JourneyCare visit 2

Thank you, Spa Bleu, for your outstanding dedication to our patients. Thank you for providing comfort, beauty and helping to create positive memories throughout our patients’ hospice journeys.   

                                      Thank You Spa Bleu


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