Celebrating in Song

Celebrating in Song

I've found that there’s no better way to reminisce with our Jewish patients than talking about the major holidays and the memories associated with them. Beginning at sundown on April 10, through April 18 of this year, we will be celebrating the Jewish holiday of Passover, also known as the Festival of Freedom.

The eight-day holiday commemorates the emancipation of the Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt. The Passover Seder is our traditional and family oriented ritual-packed feast. As we prepare for the upcoming holiday, I relish the old traditional songs I get to sing with our hospice patients. 

Most recently, I couldn’t help but feel blessed to be able to sing the popular Passover songs called “Diyanu” and “Ma Nishtanah” with a patient, his daughter and grandson — three generations sharing their sweet love for each other, their Jewish traditions and their past Passover memories together.

While I played the songs on my guitar, the daughter was giggling as she tried to remember how to recite them in Yiddish, as taught to her by her father, our patient. I witnessed the family bond and love they shared which was quite intimate and a reflection on the gifts we share by supporting our patients.

As we fulfill the biblical obligation to recount the story of Exodus on the night of Passover, I also wholeheartedly believe that with song and conversation, we in the Jewish Care Services department, can also fulfill our mission of enriching the lives of our patients by forming new memories together throughout each family's journey with us.

We all have an ability to touch our patients deep in their souls and in a unique manner. I feel grateful that I could share this moment with this family, and so many others. Happy Passover!


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  • Anne Rossiter

    11 April 2017 at 20:26 | #

    Loved your story Tami....it is always about the patient and families...thanks for sharing.


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