I love my job as a hospice Team Care Coordinator

Posted by Anna Libert, Team Care Coordinator

I love my job as a hospice Team Care Coordinator
Anna Libert, Team Care Coordinator

It's Health Unit Coordinators Week (August 23-29) and JourneyCare recognizes the importance of our Team Care Coordinators, who help keep our CareCenters running smoothly for our staff, patients and families. Thank you to all our TCCs! We appreciate the hard work and compassionate care you provide every day of the year!

I love working as a Team Care Coordinator for JourneyCare at The Pepper Family Hospice CareCenter. It amazes me the negative stigma that hospice has with the public. I am always confronted when I tell someone where I work, “Oh, I could never do that.” As for me, I could not imagine doing anything else.

The role of Team Care Coordinator (TCC) for the JourneyCare CareCenters could be compared to the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. While TTCs are not necessarily who the families remember, we are behind the scenes orchestrating many moving parts at each busy CareCenter, so that the clinical team has time to care for patients and families. That is what is wonderful about this job. Minute by minute I am switching different hats for what is needed in the moment. Each patient is unique. Each family member handles their loved ones’ transition in a different way. In the end, as a team, we are trying to fulfill each patient’s goals and make their time here as comfortable as possible.

The TCC provides the first impression for the unit as patients and family arrive. A warm welcome in person or on phone puts them at ease. Simple acts of kindness can make all the difference to family members throughout the day. Whether it is bringing them a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, or notarizing a document, they are grateful for the little comforts making their time here less stressful. 

Switching hats, a TCC performs administrative support duties for the team. We maintain the flow of information needed by the clinical staff to support patient care throughout their journey. For example, we schedule face-to-face appointments with physicians as well as Medicaid recertification visits.

TCCs monitor the CareCenter reports ensuring accurate information is obtained and prepared for billing to process correctly. We perform quarterly inventories and order all medical supplies for patient and staff use for quality care. We work closely with our team supervisor on special projects that pertain to the CareCenter.

My favorite part of my job is connecting to patients. I love listening to their stories and showing them that someone is present for them. We can make anything they want happen: hosting their child’s graduation in their room so they can attend; bringing birthday cupcakes and balloons to celebrate a special day; or playing their favorite Frank Sinatra song that makes them smile. What I cherish most is holding a patient’s hand in the last moments of life to let them know they are not alone and are loved if their family cannot be there.

I love my job. It fills my heart. I am fortunate to come to Barrington each day and work with compassionate coworkers who make a difference in the lives of our patients. When confronted with, “Oh I could never do that,” I just smile. I think to myself, “How could I do anything else?”

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