Yizkor: Remembering Together

Posted by Carrie Cohan Tami Miller, Jewish Care Services Ambassador

Yizkor: Remembering Together
Our team includes rabbis, social workers and volunteers trained in Jewish customs and values.

Yizkor, which means remembrance in Hebrew, is Judaism's memorial prayer. It is customary for Jews in mourning to recite this prayer throughout the year.

As part of our Jewish Care Services team, we help host an annual Yizkor Service that is open to any of our Jewish families who have lost a loved one over the past year. Our Yizkor Service provides a safe environment for families to honor their loved ones and the sadness and grief that accompany their loss. The service is led by our Jewish Care Services team, our rabbis, as well as a member of the Bereavement Team.

As is customary in the Yizkor Service, the names of the deceased loved ones are read, along with other prayers and readings. In addition, we also invite family members to bring photos of their loved ones, which are displayed at the front of the room.

One of the most touching moments of the Yizkor service is when the community is invited to share memories of their loved ones. Family members share stories and often include their feelings about the loss and how they are coping. In sharing their stories, the family members often include their gratitude for the care their loved one received from our staff and volunteers.

At the conclusion of the service, our Jewish Care Services team, the rabbis, the Bereavement staff and the families have a chance to talk with each other over light snacks and refreshments. While the Yizkor Service is meant to remember the loved ones lost during the past year, it also serves as an opportunity to bring together the community to grieve together ― and remember together ― in a beautiful and meaningful way.


The Yizkor Service will be held this Sunday, September 20 at 3:30 p.m. Find out more.

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