Growing Every Day

Posted by Kimber Vassilos, Social Worker

Growing Every Day
Kimber Vassilos, Midwest CareCenter Social Worker

Recently I had a young patient assigned to me who had a beautiful two-year-old son. Sadly, this patient was not in our care long. Caring for this patient and her family was difficult, and it reminded me of how life can change in an instant. After I left her home for the last time, I found myself at home charting clinical notes on my sofa with my 16-year-old daughter sitting next to me telling me about her day, excited by life and wanting to share every detail of her day with me. At that moment, I felt so blessed that I was able to be with my daughter the last 16 years and God willing many more years ahead.

People often say "How can you do that kind of work... it must be so depressing."

Well, it's true some days can be almost unbearable, like the day I had to be with the family after that young woman died. Even in light of the heartache, being a Hospice Social Worker is my calling. I believe that I have been through certain things in my own life to help me prepare others for the end of theirs. It's not something I ever said I wanted to be when I "grow up" but in this position, I feel like I'm growing every day. And like my grandmother use to say, if you are growing that means you're still alive! Here's to helping our patients grow every day that they are with us, and giving them the best that life has to offer, now.

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