To Love Us is to Like Us

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To Love Us is to Like Us

It’s clear to see that the nurses, doctors, certified nursing assistants and volunteers at JourneyCare are dedicated to patients and their families.

After all, these staff members provide outstanding care for them face-to-face every day.

But so many of us behind the scenes are equally passionate about hospice and palliative care and help in our own ways – whether it’s by working to keep our Hospice CareCenters and offices beautiful, managing administrative responsibilities, or by raising funds to help patients with limited means.

In our case, we in the JourneyCare Marketing Communications department are committed to spreading the word about hospice care and palliative care so that everyone in need can easily find us. We believe everyone should know how to access this supportive care while facing a serious illness. And we love sharing touching stories from our patients and families, since we know that hearing about those who have “been there” can often help someone access care sooner.

That’s why we created this very blog, why we’ll launch a new newsletter this spring, and why we currently have pages all over social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more – to help anyone who might need us.

But this month we need your help. (Don’t worry, it’s easy!)

During February, we are launching an awareness campaign, “To Love Us is to Like Us.” Our goal is to connect with more followers on JourneyCare’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Like Our Official JourneyCare Facebook Page.

Follow @JourneyCare on Twitter.

We hope that those of you in our community who followed pages linked with the former Midwest CareCenter and Horizon Hospice & Palliative Care will now make the switch to our new pages, so you can keep up with happenings at our new, integrated agency.

All we ask is that your simply visit our official JourneyCare Facebook and Twitter pages and click “Like” and “Follow,” respectively.

And if you’re really feeling the love, please encourage friends and family in your network to follow us, too!

Since we offer services that go far beyond our core mission of providing outstanding hospice and palliative care, our social media sites have something to help everyone: volunteer opportunities and recognition; information about community events and seminars; grief support; adorable photos of our therapy pets; and so much more.

So remember to show how much you love JourneyCare by “liking” us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. And please share the love, too!
You never know who you might help just with one click.

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  • Felicia Pulliam

    10 February 2016 at 01:24 | #

    I have been with this organization for over 24 yrs and love it and since the merger- we are getting better and better and able to deliver quality care to all of our pt's . The legacy lives on !!!


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