Step inside a JourneyCare physician’s world on National Doctors’ Day

Posted by Dr. Dana M Delach

Step inside a JourneyCare physician’s world on National Doctors’ Day

Saturday, March 30, is National Doctors’ Day and we're letting our wonderful JourneyCare physicians know how much they are appreciated! Dr. Dana Delach shares her thoughts on why she is privileged to serve.

I am a medical director for JourneyCare. I have been employed with JourneyCare since 2016. Many of you are probably wondering what does a medical director do? I do a variety of things for the organization. I oversee three out of twenty-one teams for the organization. We have over 35 medical directors that serve over 1,295 patients in Chicago and the surrounding communities.

My teams cover from Hanover Park to Calumet City and Peotone. People will often ask me why do I cover such a large territory? The answer is quite simple. My passion for medicine was to provide care for patients living with life-limiting illness in the community that raised me.  I grew up in the south suburbs in Palos Park and I currently reside in the Naperville community. I wanted to work for an organization that looked at each patient and case individually and not as a check mark in a box.

One of the joys of my job is seeing the variety of patients in various locations such as their homes, nursing homes, independent living, and assisted living communities. On any given day I can be in a home enjoying Chai Tea with a patient to going to an assisted living and sitting with them while we do a complex puzzle. I recognize for my patients that even though they may succumb to their illnesses that it is their final living that makes their experiences special and unique. It is part of my job to explore what those goals are and how we can achieve them.

In addition to being a team doctor, I have the privilege of being a director at one of our five inpatient units. I take pride in supporting a family through difficult challenges that can exist in end of life care. Each day is special in the inpatient unit in its unique way. I get energized by helping others. One of the joys of the IPU is when the unexpected comes… like a horse visiting patients or a Harley Biker Gang bringing in a patient.

When I am not working with JourneyCare I am a mom to three boys, twins that are eight and a four year old. My husband can tell you I rarely sit down. I volunteer as a den parent for Cub Scouts, PTA mom, karate sparring partner, and religious education teacher in my community.

For every JourneyCare patient, our physicians provide assessments, care, comfort and more. Within our agency, they serve as leaders and provide their invaluable expertise built upon years of experience. Thank you to our wonderful physicians. Learn more about how our doctors and their teams make a difference at

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