Soulful Journeys

Posted by The Baggio Family

Soulful Journeys
The Baggio Family at Midwest CareCenter's Atrium Gallery.

We are so grateful to have our family's artwork on display at Midwest CareCenter. This is a beautiful facility centered around helping family members during a difficult time and, since we are such a close family who is always there for each other, it seems so appropriate.

We are pleased that our daughters, Vanessa, Bridgette and Laura have nurtured their inherent artistic skills, influenced not only by us, but also by their uncle/artist, Horacio. We have been fortunate to travel together to our ancestral homes in Italy and develop a close relationship with our cousins. In fact, our theme for the Midwest CareCenter show is "Soulful Journeys" – an exhilarating display of the Baggio family artwork capturing the
essence of our travels.

Creating art has been a driving force throughout our lives and has influenced our paths. Our artwork is a thread that links us to our ancestors and to each other. It's what ties us to our heritage. It's the complete family experience. The art is a result of our family bonding, whether through visits, travels, food, drink or conversation – it's not just paint on canvas, a lump of clay or painting furniture. That's what sets it apart. Through our paintings and sculptures, we have tried to capture what we have seen and felt; serenity, wonder and excitement – the beauty of life.

Our journey as individual artists will continue as we evolve and incorporate new experiences into our work, but we will always have art as a common thread between us.

Visit the Atrium Gallery at Midwest CareCenter, 2050 Claire Court in Glenview, through April 29 to view "Soulful Journeys," art of the Baggio Family.


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