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People Power

Posted by Kelly Sauter

People Power

I believe people are intrinsically good and want to help others, but don’t always know how.

That’s why sometimes it’s important to simply ask. Talking to friends, neighbors, colleagues and even our online social networks can be a great way to point people in the right direction.

For our family, hospice and palliative care is near to our hearts and we are always seeking new ways to serve JourneyCare. My mother Mary McArthur has spent nearly a decade volunteering with patients in JourneyCare’s Arlington Heights area.

And my entire family is grateful for the amazing care my grandmother received in JourneyCare’s Hospice CareCenter at Northwest Community Hospital before she died this past summer. We think of the team who cared for her as a group of angels, so we each help out in the ways we can.

Sometimes our efforts are big, other times they are smaller but still make a difference.

This month, my Mom asked if I had any extra seasonal candy that could be used to cheer up patient families and friends at the CareCenters in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Chicago, Glenview and Woodstock.

I thought that was an awesome idea, but then I realized that I surely wasn’t the only one with extra candy to share at this time of year. So I put out the call on Facebook and, suddenly, people came out of the woodwork. Colleagues, my friends and even my young daughter’s nanny brought pounds and pounds of candy. One even had 20 lbs. of Snickers to share.

Though it was a simple gesture, it was awesome to see how quickly people step up when they know what is needed. I think when people know there are little things they can do to help, they jump at the chance. Often times, those efforts add up to something really big – in this case, mounds of candy to brighten the day of patient families.

I told my Mom to keep me posted on anything else JourneyCare might need in the future, because I’m betting there are more people in the woodwork, just ready and waiting to lend a hand.

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