‘Project Runway’ alum Peach Carr talks JourneyCare’s fashion-forward fundraiser, Allstars of Project Runway

‘Project Runway’ alum Peach Carr talks JourneyCare’s fashion-forward fundraiser, Allstars of Project Runway

At Sharing Our Journey, we are thrilled about JourneyCare’s upcoming Allstars of Project Runway fashion show on Saturday, June 29! This fashion-forward event will feature five designers from TV’s “Project Runway” unveiling their 2019 collections at Theater on the Lake in Chicago. Proceeds will benefit JourneyCare programs for patients living with serious illness.

To share more about this brand-new event, we chatted with former “Project Runway” contestant Peach Carr, who will feature her couture in this unique event and serves on its planning committee. Here’s her inside look at “Allstars of Project Runway”:

Q. This is a new event for JourneyCare and Chicago, too. Can you tell us how it came about?

A. “I was involved for more than a decade on the Ladies Auxiliary for the organization that is now JourneyCare and also helped with the organization’s bereavement camp for children. After my time on ‘Project Runway’ and ‘Project Runway All Stars,’ members of the JourneyCare Foundation reached out to see if I would speak at events and help spread the word about all the good this nonprofit organization does for patients and families. I said ‘Of course!’ because I love how this organization has grown.

But I also suggested we think big; do something no one else has done. So, I offered to bring in some of my ‘ride-or-die buddies’ from ‘Project Runway’ and help create a unique experience everyone will remember. Everyone agreed it was a fabulous idea!”

Q. The four other “Project Runway” designers featured are Joshua Christensen, Johnathan Kayne, Korto Momolu and Christopher Palu. How did you choose them?

A. “The designers I chose have two things in common: they all do impeccable work and they all have beautiful hearts. This is the same reason I chose Tracey Tarantino with Zzazz Productions to help bring Allstars of Project Runway to life – she also has an amazing heart and is professional through and through.

When I asked each person to be part of our fashion show for JourneyCare, it was an instant ‘yes.’ As soon as they knew how much this cause mattered to me, that was all they needed to hear.

Keeping the audience in mind, I also wanted to give them a different selection of aesthetics. I think we have an excellent group with diverse designs that everyone will see on June 29!”

Q. Why is JourneyCare so important to you?

A. “I first became involved when a friend invited me to a gala fundraiser – I heard the speakers who shared their experiences of hospice care with JourneyCare and I said ‘Ok, I’m in.’ It wasn’t until 25 years later that my father needed hospice for his own cancer, and by then I was well educated on care for serious illness like his thanks to JourneyCare.

But in those early years, the stories of JourneyCare patients and families moved me. You don’t have to be personally connected to recognize a good cause and I wanted to follow my personal philosophy: If you leave this earth without reaching your hand out to help a stranger, you have wasted your time here. So, I thought ‘Shame on me if I don’t use the rare gift I have been given: being a designer on ‘Project Runway.’”

Q. What else should everyone know about Allstars of Project Runway?

A. This is going to be something Chicago has never done before and it’s an exciting event! It’s going to be a fun, feel-good evening where you can just sit back and be entertained. Some of these designers have never showed their collections in Chicago before, so you will discover some really unique pieces.

For me, this event is very emotional because this is my first collection after experiencing a personal challenge. For that reason, it is the most important collection I have ever done and I can’t wait to share it! I have also designed exclusive silk pocket squares for men and silk scarves for women that will be available at the fashion show – and are even available in advance at journeycare.org/runway.

Pocket Square

Allstars of Project Runway for JourneyCare will also be great people-watching, to see what everyone wears. Many will be high fashion, but you will also see casual chic – it doesn’t matter what you wear. What really matters is the energy you bring and that you are here to support this event.

By the time the night is over, you will learn what JourneyCare does and why specialized care for those at all stages of serious illness is so important. You never know when someone in your own life will be in a situation where they need care and – after June 29 – you will realize you have a valuable resource in JourneyCare because you attended this event.

For tickets to Allstars of Project Runway, VIP packages and to learn more, visit journeycare.org/runway.

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