For Olivia

Posted by Amy Wilk

For Olivia
Amy Wilk with her daughter Olivia

My daughter Olivia died last December, just a few days before her third birthday. We had been working with JourneyCare for about a year and my entire family is so grateful to have had them in our lives. Hospice gave us a safe and trusting place to talk about all the difficult things that would arise in Olivia's life. It allowed me and Olivia's dad to have ongoing conversations about what kind of life we wanted for her, and it empowered us to do things that we might not have done with her had we never met her JourneyCare team. We were able to go on trips with her ― even taking her to SeaWorld because she loved the aquarium.

Having JourneyCare on our side made it so much more comfortable to keep Olivia at home and treat any issues that would arise here instead of in a hospital where she'd be poked and prodded for several days and then be sent home completely off her schedule.

We were able to give Olivia the life that we wanted for her with very little suffering, and when the time came that she stopped breathing and death was imminent, we were able to keep her at home and let her die peacefully in her mom and dad's arms, without all the chaos of an emergency room or first responders trying to using painful procedures to try and save her. Instead of shock and chaos in those last moments, we were at peace with her and got to make sure her last moments were full of comfort and love. We were able to have our family over to spend some time with her and say goodbye before the funeral home came to get her.

JourneyCare really helped us define what we were and weren't willing to put Liv through and encouraged us to make sure her life, however long or short it was, was full of love and experiences that all children deserve to have.

We will always be grateful for everything that JourneyCare has done for our whole family. We love you all ― and Sheila, Marjorie and Melanie will always have a special place in our hearts!


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