Little Mystery, Much Comfort

Posted by Dina Ewing-Morgan

Little Mystery, Much Comfort
Mane in Heaven volunteers Dina Ewing-Morgan and Jennifer DeSimone visit with a JourneyCare patient.

On a recent visit to Journeycare, we stood outside the doorway of a patient and asked the family if he wanted to visit with Mystery, one of our miniature therapy horses.

We were told the patient really loves animals, but that they were uncertain whether he was prepared for it at this time. Encouraged to ask the patient himself, we walked into the room. The man slowly opened up his eyes.

We came around to the bedside and little Mystery, only 28 inches tall, barely got her head to the top of the bed! She tried to get as close as possible while stretching her head up to him. It seemed as if she instinctively knew it was her job.

The patient gave a big smile as he weakly reached out to pet Mystery. She laid her head on the bed as the man continued to pet her and talk. The patient began to express memories of his three dogs that he had at home, and of how he loved horses. Laughter and smiles filled the room.

As the visit was ending, the patient thanked us and said, "This has helped more than you know."

He then asked for ice cream and said, "Can it get any better? Ice cream and a mini horse visit!"

It was touching for us miniature therapy horse handlers to see. In a matter of minutes, and from the patient's smile, you could feel the comfort and peace.

See photos of another recent miniature therapy horse visit to JourneyCare on Flickr.

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  • Pallergy

    05 September 2016 at 21:18 | #

    Pets can give you the comfort that anyone else can't give. This is one of the reasons that owning a pet can be a great form of a therapy. Greatly impressed by the miracle that they could give.


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