Make a difference in 2019 as a JourneyCare Volunteer

Posted by Lisa Petersen, Volunteer Supervisor, CVA

Make a difference in 2019 as a JourneyCare Volunteer

Looking to make a difference in 2019? Become a JourneyCare volunteer and help change the face of serious illness!

JourneyCare is seeking volunteers to support patients, families and our team members so that, together, we can enrich lives through expert and compassionate care. Volunteers are an essential part of our team’s success!

With over 1,000 volunteers, JourneyCare's Volunteer Team provides extensive support and care to our patients, their loved ones and team members. JourneyCare offers volunteers the opportunity to share their unique knowledge, experiences and gifts to make a difference in the lives of those we care for. 

Wondering what volunteering means for you? Here are five reasons you should join our volunteer team:

  1. Unique opportunities – We have over 50 different roles to choose from! These include offering companionship to patients, helping in offices, running errands for those needing assistance, providing pet therapy, assisting our veterans and more. There is a role for everyone.
  2. Lifelong connections – Make connections that can positively impact your life and the lives of others. Volunteers meet people in their community that they may not have otherwise have encountered.
  3. Learn a new skill – As a volunteer, you will have access to many of the same educational opportunities that our industry-leading hospice professionals receive. You can also learn new things while volunteering in exciting roles like CNA assist, baking, or even as an office assistant. Gain an insider’s perspective into the world of hospice, palliative care and care for advanced illness.
  4. Flexible scheduling – We want volunteering to be part of your life, not take over your life. You can volunteer when it is most convenient for you, whether it’s once in a while or on a regular basis.
  5. Do something bigger than yourself –It’s more than being a volunteer. It’s about being part of a larger picture in helping families feel loved and supported by their community. We appreciate our amazing volunteers and show them by celebrating with events, cookouts, parties and awards.

We want to make volunteering a wonderful experience for you. You help impact the lives of those cared for by JourneyCare and you choose how you would like to contribute, as well as your preferred location. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in any of the many ways described on our Volunteer Opportunities page, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete an online application and read more about the roles that interest you. You can also find the answers to many commonly asked questions about the orientation process.
  2. Complete the orientation process. JourneyCare requires that all adult volunteers (age 16+) do the following:
    • Attend a 5.5 hour orientation session that covers Hospice 101, Overview of JourneyCare, Our Services and How You Can Help, Communication, Confidentiality & Guidelines, Documentation and more!
    • Complete a two-step tuberculosis (TB) test
    • Receive clearance from a medical practitioner
    • Submit to a background check

Start 2019 off right by helping to change the face of serious illness. Begin your life-changing role!

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