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Love Between Best Friends

Posted by Rosemary Morris

Love Between Best Friends

My mother's best girlfriend from childhood, Marge, told me that she met me for the first time when I was two days old, and I have memories of her throughout my childhood ― a calm, strong and loving presence; a true and steadfast friend to my mother.

It is essential to our good health to have meaningful and rich friendships in our lives. According to Mayo Clinic’s article "Friendships: Enrich Your Life and Improve Your Health," meaningful friendships:
• Increase your sense of belonging and purpose.
• Boost your happiness and reduce your stress.
• Improve your self-confidence and self-worth.
• Help you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one.

• Encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise.

When my mother, Rose, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and moved to assisted living several years ago, Marge sent me several e-mails about her own life, and her phone calls with my mother. In each and every one, her love and concern for my mom shine through so beautifully.

Then Marge disclosed that she was very ill. However as usual, her concern was with my mother. She wrote, "I need an opinion as to whether she needs to be told at all. I would do anything to spare her the pain of this. I may have six months. It's already stage 4. I'm open to whatever you think is easiest for her?" Later in the same e-mail Marge wrote, "When I feel a little better, I can continue some phone calls to Rose and I'll keep you up to date when I can. My dear, it's in God's hands, I am truly loved and blessed by my son, family and friends. Love you, Marge”

It is hard to put into words the emotion I feel as I write this. The best way to sum it up is this: the depth of our love for one another can transcend any situation in life. I know how I feel about my girlfriends ― the ones I can count on and confide in, the ones who give of themselves so unselfishly. Life is fleeting, but love, faith and hope are eternal. Inspired by the lifelong friendship between Marge and Rose, I send all of my friends, and everyone, my love and gratitude today!

Questions for Reflection
1. What friend(s) would you like to connect with today?
2. Consider writing a letter to a good friend sharing your love and gratitude.
3. What are the qualities you possess that make you good friend?

Read the Mayo Clinic article here.

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