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Looking to the Light: ‘Goddess’ and ‘Intuition’ events ponder new paths to healing

Posted by Elisabeth Mistretta, Midwest CareCenter Senior Brand Communication Specialist

Looking to the Light: ‘Goddess’ and ‘Intuition’ events ponder new paths to healing
Art by Katherine Skaggs

Midwest CareCenter sailed into mid-summer with two events that took our community to new realms – literally.

On July 31 we hosted "Developing Your Intuition" in the atrium to a crowd of roughly 70 people. The talk was presented by America Martinez, who describes herself as an "Intuitive Consultant to individuals, couples, families ... (whose) work includes lectures and workshops on such topics as Numerology and Learning the Language of the Tarot."

The next day we hosted an artist reception for the opening of Katherine Skaggs' new exhibit in the atrium "The Presence of the Divine: Angels, Goddesses and Beings of Divine Light."

She describes the spiritual exhibit made up primarily of female figures as one that "will serve as a reminder of the expansiveness of the divine." In addition to her artistry, Skaggs is a shamanic practitioner who is versed in vibrational music therapy using drums.

An attempt to adequately summarize both women's talks would fail miserably; it would be like trying to convey the impact of an excellent TED talk, a moving commencement speech or even a powerful sermon – you just have to be there to really get it.

But what I can tell you is that both women's messages shared a similar thread: finding spiritual light and the healing power it brings within both yourself and the universe – then connecting those powers to spread calm, comfort and healing to others.

Both also emphasize being open to spiritual signs, messages and signals that may seem supernatural or religious. America Martinez maintains that we are actually spiritual beings who only visit the earth for a short time to learn and develop wisdom – which is why our bodies are often so uncomfortable with pain or sickness.

She also says that children are naturally intuitive and open to these signs, whether they arrive as gut instincts on how to handle troubling situations or as signs from beyond. It is only as we grow up, she says, that we learn to shut these instincts down.

No matter what your belief system, it can be comforting to think there is something greater than ourselves. And it's especially reassuring to think that the universe/God/divine light/or whatever you believe in has instilled us with the power to tap into our own inner light and help others.

At Midwest CareCenter, our clinical staff faces very wrenching emotional and physical situations with patients every day. Yet week after week, we get thank-you notes from grateful families who cite the exceptional care and compassion that our nurses, doctors, chaplains, social workers and others share with patients during their final days. Do those touching experiences result from our staff tapping their own inner light and spreading it to our patients? I'm sure America and Katherine would say yes.

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    Such a great understanding, you share...thank you!!!


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