My Calling

Posted by Kimberly Rosenberg

My Calling

I have worked at Midwest CareCenter for over ten years and have had the privilege of working with many wonderful people and in three different departments.

I first worked in HomeCare Assistants, helping with the scheduling of caregivers, and then transferred to our Home Health division in the Evanston office. I later became a Hospice Administrative Assistant and now work in the Glenview office.

I have always felt that I fit in here or had a calling to do work in this capacity. Both my mom and dad passed from cancer. My sister and I both took care of them at home. Some days were harder than others, and I can definitely identify with what the families of our patients are going through.

A few times a year each team with hold a memorial service. We sit in the conference room as a group and remember the patients who have come and gone over the past six months. The team offers flowers, readings and stories of remembrance about the patients they've cared for. I find this to be comforting as I only know the patients as names on paper, so for me to hear a story about them, their family, and the experiences they've gone through in their life, makes them become more real to me.

I feel blessed to have learned not only so much about this business but also about myself. In 2014 I received my Bachelor's degree in Applied Behavioral Science from National Louis University, and I am now in my second year of their Masters of Counseling program and look forward to next year's curriculum when we have our internship at an agency or school in the community.

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