Hospice Helped Us, and Can Help You

Posted by Ciarra Federspiel

Hospice Helped Us, and Can Help You

It was more than two years ago when my mom, Rachel, had cancer that had advanced so severely, our family chose hospice.

I was 15 and remember her doctor recommending hospice, and then her sisters and my cousins coming over for a big family meeting. We all decided together that she would be cared for by JourneyCare.

Eventually her pain was too much to manage at home, and she stayed at the Pepper Family Hospice CareCenter in Barrington. I was a bit nervous about that, but the care she received was amazing and I was able to stay with her the whole time.

The nurses were also nothing but caring and nice — not only to my mom, but to my whole family. My Mom passed away in early August of 2014, and I am thankful for the amazing staff that cared for her until the end.

Today I look forward to this spring, when I will graduate high school. As part of my studies this year, we were assigned a project that explores what careers we would like to go into when we are adults. I chose nursing, because I hope someday to work in hospice care so that I can help other families who are having the same experience as we did.

Until then, I am here as a daughter sharing my story in hopes of bringing other families comfort, especially families who are unaware of hospice or unsure of it. I want them to know how much it helped my mom and our entire family, so that it might help them too.

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