There Is Hope in Hospice

Posted by Sharon Mueller, Director of Patient and Family Experience

There Is Hope in Hospice

Choosing hospice care doesn’t mean giving up hope — you are in fact redefining it.

While those who choose hospice accept that further medical treatment almost certainly won't help them, they also choose to redirect their hope into mending and restoring relationships, spending quality time with those they love, and finding peace and comfort.

Healthcare professionals have seen many people change the use of their time... once consumed by doctors’ appointments and hospital stays, they now instead choose to take family vacations, travel to places they've always wanted to see, and enjoy the company of loved ones at home.

These aren't people who have given up hope or given up on life. They are living life to the fullest and choosing quality over quantity.

Furthermore, hospice care may prevent dying people from living their last days in pain.

Hospice patients have access to healthcare professionals with expertise in pain management and the care and medications that can alleviate discomfort. In addition, they have access to individuals with expertise in emotional, social and spiritual support, such as social workers, integrative therapists (music and art therapy) and chaplains.

Would you want to spend the last chapter of your life going to doctor's appointments, or do you want to spend it living life as you've never lived it before? Ultimately, only you can choose how you will live your final days.

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