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Allowing Loved Ones to Give Back

Posted by Kimber Vassilos, Social Worker

Allowing Loved Ones to Give Back

Many times when I see families that have come togethter to care for their loved one, they do so out of love. Also significant, is that the loved one that they are caring for feels like they are a "burden" and don't want their family to feel put out. I think one of the most inportant parts of my job is to help my patients understand that their family wouldn't want it any other way!

I speak directly to my patients and try to ask questions about what care taking for their family, back in the day, was like for them. Mostly the answer is that it was a joyous experience. One women once said to me, "I would give a million dollars to just have one day when they were all small again."

After these converasations I try to explain to my patients that their family wants to give back some of the love that was given to them.

Any one who has cared for their loved one during hospice knows what an honor it is to be able to share those precious moments with their loved one. Whether its helping with the cooking, or cleaning, or washing or feeding, it all is part of their journey and we are privledged as caretakers to be a part of that daily care.

So cheers to all of the families that love so unconditionally, and well done to the family caregivers for the loving acts of gratitude they provide every day.

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