Christmas for Cielo, a special young hospice patient

Posted by Grace Fox, Volunteer

Christmas for Cielo, a special young hospice patient

Santa visit cSince joining JourneyCare as a hospice volunteer this past year, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a care companion for two patients so far and I am thoroughly enjoying my role. So, when I saw a request for an “elf” to accompany Santa to bring an early Christmas to a pediatric hospice patient this October, I immediately wanted to help.

Cielo was 17 years old suffering from a glioblastoma with her condition advancing, so she wished for an early Christmas. I was honored to be selected as a helper elf to accompany Santa and bring some Christmas joy to Cielo and her family. 

When we arrived at their house, Cielo was surrounded by her mother, Godmother, siblings and nieces. Their home smelled of delicious foods and the family had festively set the dining room table dinner. 

Santa visit b

The Christmas tree was beautifully decorated, and Cielo’s favorite musical Santa stood on the table. Making the scene perfect, JourneyCare Chaplain Joel Bregman arrived in full Santa costume and brought so much Christmas spirit to the house. He presented Cielo with a gift – a game she looked forward to playing with her siblings, along with treats for her nieces.

The family posed for many photos with Santa in front of the tree, eventually leaving Cielo happy, tired and ready for a rest. The love this family shared that day was beautiful and I am blessed to have witnessed it.

As a JourneyCare volunteer, I am often reminded how much human connection and kindness mean and that life is a gift meant to be shared. From the patients we serve, I often feel I am receiving far more than I am giving. This holiday season, I am thankful to them and to JourneyCare.


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