ALS Walk with Robin

Posted by Kristi Thilges, CNA

ALS Walk with Robin
Kristi, Robin and Yuridia at the 2017 ALS Walk for Life.

I first met Robin, a 53-year-old ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) patient, when JourneyCare began caring for her about two years ago. I was welcomed in Robin’s home to make weekly visits. I instantly hit it off with Robin and always look forward to my weekly visits with her.

After a couple months of caring for Robin, I volunteered to come over on a Saturday to help her husband, Sean, get her ready to participate in The Les Turner ALS Foundation's ALS Walk for Life in Chicago. I had the pleasure of meeting most of her family that day and seeing the smile on Robin’s face while she was with all of them. It was priceless.

This past year, JourneyCare Home Health Aide Yuridia Renteria began to help me twice a week with Robin’s care. Yuridia and I have gotten to know Robin well, and we enjoy our talks and making her smile and laugh while we are there. 

Social Worker Marie Kilvington and Case Manager Gwen Snyder also love their visits with Robin. Staff at The Pepper Family Hospice CareCenter have also had the pleasure of meeting Robin while she was on respite stay there. All of Robin’s wonderful JourneyCare volunteer helpers adore her as well. 

Robin’s goal this year was to do another ALS Walk. Yuridia and I were honored when Robin invited us to be a part of this walk with her and her family. 

When we arrived at Robin’s home, Sean explained that their stair lift was broken and they would be unable to get Robin up the stairs. Sean had surgery a few weeks before so he was unable to lift her. Certified Nursing Assistant Eric Sandoval was assisting Robin at her home, and there were several family members there, too. We all put our heads together and came up with a plan. It was a team effort to get her up those stairs, as we were all determined that Robin would make it to her ALS Walk that day, and were able to get her upstairs safely.

Yuridia and I enjoyed the ALS Walk for Life with Robin, and seeing her smile and the smiles on the faces of her family. It was such a great day.

This is why we do what we do. It was a wonderful day for all of us.

Robin has welcomed all of us in her home and we all work together to meet her goals and see her smile.

We will all continue to try and meet Robin’s goals, and the goals of all our patients, and work together as a team. 

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