All That is Precious

Posted by Beth Shadur

All That is Precious
On Gossamer Wings by Beth-Shadur

I am delighted to be exhibiting my work at Midwest CareCenter. I was inspired to do so by two other artists, one of whom had a sister who was cared for there, another a doctor who used to work with the organization.

In addition, after I planned the exhibit, I found out that my opthamologist's assistant had lost her 20 year old daughter to cancer, and her daughter passed away at Midwest CareCenter. All had wonderful things to say about the care given there.While I haven't had personal experience with the hospice, I did lose my own sister to cancer five years ago. Her way-too-early death has inspired me to reflect on the fragility of our lives, and our world. This series that I have exhibited here comes from my awareness of how much we need to take care of those things we value, because our health, spirits, environment and our world's peace are all so tenuous. The theme of fragility has taken on new resonance with me, as my parents age (in their 90s!) and I reflect on my sister's (and a brother-in-law) passing. She meant the world to me, but had a difficult life, living with chronic mental illness. Our family loved her and helped to care for her.

All of these life experiences have taught me to take care of, and appreciate, health, mental health, nature and all it has to offer, and the kindness and fairness of human beings. I want my work to reflect my love for and passion for life, and to make note of all that is precious in our lives.

Visit our Glenview Atrium weekdays 9 a.m. -5 p.m. throughout June to view "Fragility," an exhibit of the work of Beth Shadur.

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