Adios Abuelito

Posted by Nannette Ramirez

Adios Abuelito
Nannette's Abuelito

As an employee of JourneyCare and a person working in hospice for many years, I understand the importance of dying with dignity. My grandfather had been declining since September of 2015. My mom and I flew out to Puerto Rico and brought him home to Chicago to take better care of him. It was an ongoing battle with my family. I wanted hospice and they wanted to fight to keep him alive by any means necessary. I had to learn, with the help of my wonderful coworkers, to take a step back and wait for her to ask me.

When the doctor finally spoke to my mom about hospice it was as if this was something new to her. She was reluctantly ready and I did everything I could to prove that hospice is the best way for a person to leave this world.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. To Jocelyn, in intake for scheduling the initial visit. To Eunice, the admission nurse who poetically described why feedings should be stopped. It brought tears to my eyes just listening to her speak to my mom.

My grandfather spent his final days on this earth at the Glenview Marshak Family Hospice CareCenter and every moment was beautiful. The music thanatologist played the harp and sang so beautifully. It was an amazing experience to see his breathing slow to the sound of the harp. The nurses were compassionate and patient. The CNAs were helpful and kind. The social worker gave us clay to make thumbprints for the great grandchildren and was there to listen. The cute little priest from somewhere nearby told many stories of his times in many places that occupied our minds even if only for a short time. Dr. Deamant was so kind and great explaining things to my mother.

My grandfather waited for the five minute window of time where neither my mom or I were by his side to take his last breath. The sun peaking over the trees, shining into the room was the best setting to end his journey. Peaceful, without pain and loved.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you ALL.

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  • Anne Rossiter

    22 July 2016 at 21:56 | #

    So beautiful, thank you for sharing this wonderful, affirming story.


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