A Knight to Remember

Posted by Betsy Foley

A Knight to Remember
Thank you to all our wonderful friends who came out and supported Midwest CareCenter at our Gala! Our amazing team of staff, volunteers, generous sponsors and donors created an incredible experience for all who attended!

This year's Midwest CareCenter gala honoring Dr. Dennis Murphy was a huge success, matched only by the equally monumental efforts of many volunteers. I know this because for the second year in a row, I have chaired this event with Pam Waud. Early on a Renaissance theme was selected, and it didn't take long for the incredibly creative members of our committee to start working their magic. Banners were flowing, suits of armor were arriving, and madrigal singers and actors in costume were booked.

But it didn't stop there. Pam Cramer, our auction chair, rallied the troops and before long, auction items were arriving. Of course, all of these items needed to be dressed up with ribbons and wrapped for the night of the auction, and clever descriptions needed to be written. Again, our volunteers more than stepped up to the task.

The event has raised over $270,000 and more donations are received each day. These
funds will be used to provide our patients and their families with services and therapies that are not covered by insurance or Medicare, including our bereavement camp for children, music-thanatology, integrative therapies like massage and reiki, pet therapy and charity care.

This is a special year for all of us at Midwest CareCenter. Merging with Horizon Hospice of Chicago and JourneyCare in Barrington allows us all to begin a new era of bringing care and compassion to more patients and their families. Those of you who have worked on fundraisers in the past, know all too well that it's frequently a difficult task, and not something one chooses to do "for the fun of it." However, working on the benefit this year was just that - it was fun! We have wonderful volunteers and couldn't have been as
successful without each and every one of them.

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