3 New Ways JourneyCare is Helping to Prevent Patient Falls

Posted by Stephanie Meyer, Associate Vice President of Service Excellence & Quality Improvement

3 New Ways JourneyCare is Helping to Prevent Patient Falls

It's Patient Safety Awareness Week and JourneyCare is committed to the safety of those we serve. We're focusing this week on education to help reduce patient falls.

Our population of patients is at a higher risk for falls. Falls can lead to serious injuries that may impair mobility or lead to less independence. For those who want to live better and longer, appropriate steps need to be taken to prevent falls. JourneyCare clinicians have a role in promoting safety to prevent them. Their simple changes and suggestions for change to patients and caregivers about their surroundings can make a big impact.

JourneyCare team members have been exercising Patient Safety Awareness Week through a few different methods.


Falls Prevention Training 31. Falls Pop-Up Prevention Training
We have begun Falls Pop-Up Prevention Training at our partner assisted living facilities. Our care teams are teaching the assited living facility staffs to remove fall hazards — such high beds, precarious oxygen tubing, out-of-reach items and throw rugs, as shown in the photo — in fun and engaging ways.

2. Safety Scavenger Hunts
We're hosting Safety Scavenger Hunts in mock patient rooms, and are seeing impactful changes already. JourneyCare Garnet Team Manager Shari Russeau has held several of the trainings and says that even the administrators are enjoying it!

3. “Goodie Gloves” for Good Habits
We look forward to catching our team members keeping our patients and each other safe! "Goodie gloves" filled with treats will be handed out in all offices when team members are seen with hand sanitizer or washing their hands. More fun initiatives will be coming throughout the year. 

Maintaining the Balance of Safety and Happiness
As we assure that patient safety is incorporated into each visit, we always remember that for us at JourneyCare, patient experience is at the center of everything we do. If we suggest that a throw rug on the floor be removed because it is a fall risk, but a patient feels that his or her decorating taste is more important than removing the fall risk, then that is their choice. We can document our suggestions, and the choice to keep the rug. We must skillfully balance safety with the happiness of our patients.

These key elements will elevate each patient's experience. We appreciate that every team member at JourneyCare contributes to and promotes patient safety!

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