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What I learned from a hospice patient with memory loss

What I learned from a hospice patient with memory loss

I'm a hospice volunteer who offers companionship and support to patients, but I felt anxious about visiting a hospice patient with memory loss. Would I make a connection that could provide comfort? Donna became my first teacher.

Donna, not her real name, was in her 70s, living in a nursing home, with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. She appeared short with a slight frame. She sat in a reclining chair in the television room, which was sparsely decorated. She had pads on her hands to keep from scratching her skin.

Hospice and animal therapy: Sharing of unconditional love

Many of us are familiar with a fabulous quote often attributed to William Shakespeare or Pablo Picasso:
“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

The all-volunteer SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program has found our gift and we are happy to “give away” the unconditional love of our very special miniature therapy horses, miniature therapy donkeys and therapy dogs to JourneyCare and other organizations throughout the Chicago area!

Spa Bleu salon: Pampering hospice patients with spa days

Just over two years ago, a young mother arrived at our Barrington CareCenter to receive end-of-life care. One of her final wishes was to create some memories with her young daughter during her very limited time left.

One request was to have a final “spa day” together. After contacting multiple local salons to assist with this very special request, Spa Bleu quickly returned the call to say they would love to offer their services for no charge and make her wish a reality. This began our amazing partnership with Spa Bleu.  

The secret life of a therapy dog

I'm Buttons, a JourneyCare therapy dog that works with Steve, my partner and owner. We've been a pet therapy team with JourneyCare for over six years. We bring joy, companionship and stress relief to comfort care patients who like animals or miss their own pets. We visit patients and their loved ones in the CareCenters, and at retirement homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and their homes. Steve's first therapy dog was Annie, a golden retriever, and they were partners together for six years also.

Understanding Barbara Bush's 'comfort care' on National Healthcare Decisions Day

Understanding Barbara Bush's 'comfort care' on National Healthcare Decisions Day

The buzzwords “comfort care” are creating questions since the Bush family announced that former First Lady Barbara Bush, 92, will no longer seek medical services. Bush lives with illnesses that include congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

Instead, the family announced that Mrs. Bush is now receiving “comfort care” at her Houston home and news outlets report she is spending time with her husband, former President George H.W. Bush, and her sons, former President George W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Advance Care Planning: Let’s learn from “When Breath Becomes Air”

Advance Care Planning: Let’s learn from “When Breath Becomes Air”

Advance Care Planning was the focus of JourneyCare’s Life is a Journey education event that took place on April 17. This cause was a passion of mine even before I headed out on my first 'Ride for 3 Reasons' in 2001. After I completed three solo cross-country bike rides, I passed the torch to my fellow Barrington resident 17-year-old Jan Gierlach last year. The trip we had in common took us more than 3,200 miles from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida to raise awareness and funds to benefit three causes dear to our hearts. One of these is hospice. Part of the proceeds has benefitted JourneyCare and is helping to fund the very special 'Life is a Journey' event this month.

On National Doctor’s Day, reflecting on the privilege to serve…

On National Doctor’s Day, reflecting on the privilege to serve…

I am often mindful of the quote by Albert Einstein, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” I feel that there is a driving force inside of me to help others, to relieve suffering, not as a noble endeavor to call attention to myself, but because I have been given so much. I want to use my talents and opportunities to help relieve the burdens of others. This is what I strive to do.

What is a memorable patient story for me? My husband’s dear friend of many years was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing form of ALS at age 62. He and his wife were part of a group of friends who had stayed in touch for many years, through many changes. His daughters were my children’s babysitters. 

Twenty-nine years as a hospice social worker

This is my 29th year as a hospice social worker, and my 26th year with JourneyCare and its legacy hospices. I wish I had a dime for everyone who has ever said to me, “Gee, your work must be so depressing …” I would have a truckload of money and I might have retired by now! But I think it’s better this way: I love what I do, I have never found it depressing and I’m in no hurry to retire from it.

Being a hospice social worker demands a very full toolkit of both clinical and non-clinical skills. Sometimes people have misconceptions about what a social worker is and does, so when I walk into a patient’s home for the first time, I am very conscious of the need to quickly establish a rapport so I can explain my role on the team and patients and their families begin to share freely with me. 

Jewish Care in Hospice: Celebrating Passover at the End of Life

Jewish Care in Hospice: Celebrating Passover at the End of Life

Beginning at sundown on March 30 through April 7 of this year, JourneyCare's Jewish Care Services team will be busy assisting many of our Jewish patients and their loved ones with celebrating the Passover holiday.

Every year, Jews celebrate the liberation from bondage in ancient Egypt during the holiday of Pesach (Passover). It's the oldest continuously celebrated Jewish festival and is observed for eight days. The ritual of the Seder is practiced on the first two nights, traditionally in the home. The word Seder means ‘order’ symbolizing that the rituals of the Seder are performed in a specific order, with a sumptuous feast being a centerpiece of the evening. 

All About Kids was Incredibly Special for My Daughter

I was honored to speak at JourneyCare’s Decades Dance on Saturday, March 10. In addition to the fun ’60s theme, music and auctions, the event raised money for JourneyCare’s All About Kids pediatric program – a program close to my heart.

Our daughter, Sadie Elizabeth, was born on April 29, 2010, after an uneventful pregnancy. I say “uneventful,” because I experienced the typical pregnancy symptoms – tiredness, discomfort, slight nausea, cravings, etc. But nothing could have prepared me for her diagnosis.

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