Sarah Hehemann

Nineteen year-old Sarah Hehemann is a nursing student at Marquette University in Milwaukee. She actively participates in community service programs around campus and in the community, as well as playing guitar every week at her church. Her aunt, Eileen Boggins, is a staff member at Midwest CareCenter.

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  • In My Grandfather's Footsteps
  • Kimber Vassilos, Social Worker

    Kimber joined our organization seven years ago, and is still amazed at how each day unfolds. "My priority is always patient care and helping families navigate this journey," she says. "It's humbling to be invited into this sacred part of life. Even after seven years of service I'm still learning and growing." Kimber enjoys meeting the families and feels honored to hear stories about the lives her patients have lived. She looks forward to many more years of service to the hospice population.

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  • Growing Every Day
  • Mimi Korcak, Midwest CareCenter volunteer

    In addition to being a part-time staff member assisting at Midwest CareCenter’s Marshak Family Hospice Pavilion, Mimi Korcak is a volunteer at Midwest CareCenter’s Hospice Suite at Northwest Community Hospital. She also enjoys mentoring new patient volunteers. “I give them the information they need for when they visit a patient's room, to create a bond or assist a family that needs a smile or special attention that day,” Mimi says. “It has been a great experience.”

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  • Nick's Last Day
  • Midwest CareCenter Marketing Communications Team

    Midwest CareCenter Marketing Communications team members (from left) Beth Dempsey, Kristin Gover and Elisabeth Mistretta. Senior Director Kristin has been leading the Midwest CareCenter Marketing Communications team since joining the organization in 2002. Beth serves as Online Communications Manager and Elisabeth as Senior Brand Communication Specialist. Janice Lake (not pictured) is Senior Brand Communication Specialist. The group is excited and pleased to manage and contribute to Your Best Day, Today, to share inspirational stories, insights, and helpful information about the end-of-life journey with others.

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  • Welcome to Our Blog
  • Carrie Jackson

    Carrie Jackson became involved with Midwest Palliative & Hospice Center when her father Henry was admitted to hospice care in January 2010. According to Carrie, “The incredible care and support she and her father received over the next 2.5 years allowed her to be a daughter, and not just a caregiver, to Henry,” who died from Alzheimer's in June 2012.

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  • My Dad, My Soldier
  • Judi Ronan, Midwest CareCenter volunteer

    Since February 2013 Judi Ronan has been a Midwest CareCenter volunteer, visiting patients and families at the The Marshak Family Hospice Pavilion every week. She also has had weekly visits with “eight wonderful patients and their families” in their homes and at nursing facilities during the last year and a half.

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  • Being a Witness
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