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Committed to Veterans Year-Round

Sometimes you're given a chance in your work to do something that's completely a labor of love. That's what serving as Midwest CareCenter's We Honor Veterans coordinator is for me. As the granddaughter of a WW I Army Veteran and the daughter of a WW II Navy veteran, I learned early in life to respect unquestioning commitment to a cause, and a willingness to endure personal sacrifice for a "greater good." Because that's what is asked of―and delivered by―our nation's veterans.

I Don’t Have Time to Write a Blog Post

One aspect of working with the dying that doesn't get the attention that it deserves is self-care. In our modern world, there is every incentive to go faster and do more. When faced with actual, honest-to-goodness life and death circumstances, caregivers and families can quickly go off the deep end and over-work, over-commit, or over-extend.

The funny thing is that when we hear the words "self care," we generally know what we should do, but we tend to not do it because we don't have time – a clearer example of irony would be hard to find. We know we should take a break, or go for a walk, or not eat that piece of candy, or count to ten, or take a deep breath, or get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise five days per week, or give 10 compliments per day, or have a regular spiritual practice, or have a creative outlet, or smile even when we feel like frowning. We know these things, but life (and especially death) get in the way of them.


I used to joke that art was my therapy. Today, I no longer joke about it.

In August of 1995 I had a heart attack, cardiac arrest and near death experience. It serves as an inspiration for many of my works, making it clear that art is therapy. Art is also therapeutic to me because it is so different than the way I spend the vast majority of my time as a general internist physician. In that role, I must step outside of myself and relate to the experiences of others, even though my own inner life continues whether or not I am aware of it.

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