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How can grownups support grieving children?

How can grownups support grieving children?

Losing a loved one is difficult for anyone. For children, grief is experienced differently and every child grieves in his or her own way. As an adult, you serve as a role model to the children and teenagers in your life. By encouraging them to express their feelings, you can help them build healthy coping skills through the grieving process and for the future.

Learn how you can help the children in your life through the grieving process with these helpful tips in mind:

Hospice massage therapy: A gentle touch for body and soul

Hospice massage therapy: A gentle touch for body and soul

As a Massage Therapist for JourneyCare, some of the most inspiring patients begin as the most challenging.

I cared for a hospice patient named Bill, who was a very large man and a former horseshoeman. His wife Betsy called him, “My gentle giant.” I could see he was strong in his day, especially by his rough and calloused hands. He was fading now with the complexities of being bed bound for many years after a stroke. The right side of his body was lame and very constricted.

Betsy told me that Bill had done everything from farming to raising sheep, cattle and dairy cows — he had done it all. Both of them had been hard workers all their lives.

Veteran hospice volunteers: Each one a hero

As part of the We Honor Veterans partnership with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and the Veterans Administration (VA), military veterans volunteer to visit JourneyCare hospice patients who are also veterans and have a special and meaningful bond that only those with military experience share.

Last year JourneyCare cared for nearly 1,200 veterans across our 10-county service area. Each veteran patient in our care has the opportunity to be honored by a JourneyCare hospice veteran volunteer. A brief but meaningful pinning ceremony is performed, and a certificate of honor is presented by a member of our Veteran Volunteer Advisory Council, which engages veteran-centric event planning, training and educational opportunities.

For the JourneyCare veteran volunteers and Veteran Volunteer Advisory Council members, the days, hours and minutes that lead up to a pinning ceremony for a veteran in hospice care invite contemplation. 

Our hospice veteran volunteers chose to serve a cause greater than their selves. They saw their country threatened. They signed up to confront the threat. They felt some tug, they answered some call, and they said, "Let’s go." That spirit that says, “When my country is challenged, I will do my part to meet that challenge.” 

Photos for her children: the wish of a young mother in hospice

On a recent Tuesday morning, Noreen, a JourneyCare volunteer at Pepper Family Hospice CareCenter, was sitting with a newly admitted hospice patient named Stephanie, to keep her company. Stephanie was a young mother in hospice care with four small children. 

Stephanie expressed acceptance that she was very near the end of her life and shared her sadness that her children would forget what she looked like. 

Stephanie told Noreen she had written cards and notes for her children, but she wished she could have professional photos taken so her children would have nice pictures to remember her.

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