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From Corporate to Care

I spent more than a decade focused on a career with GE, specializing in customer service and then finance. My business career even briefly took me from Chicago to Baltimore and Philadelphia, managing an entire sales region on the East Coast.

In the early 1990s, my path led me back to Chicago to start a family and to return to school to pursue a degree in education. But shortly after returning to Chicago, my father suffered a heart attack that led doctors to discover he also had cancer. Instantly, I began helping my mother with caregiving duties and my career change to education was officially on hold.

A Heart for Hospice

I wished to be a nurse for as long as I can remember.

Even while in high school, I served as a candy striper and nursing assistant. When I graduated early at age 16, I only briefly considered a four-year university, but I didn't want to spend two years earning general education requirements in areas like history or literature. I thought "I'm 16 years old and time's a-fleetin', I want to be a nurse!"

Facing Fears to Help Patients

Facing Fears to Help Patients

Since my husband died, I have been knitting and crocheting healing shawls and baby blankets for a charity group associated with the University of Chicago. U of C is where my husband underwent his cancer treatment prior to entering hospice care with Midwest CareCenter. But the leader of our group is nearing retirement and we are less active, so I've decided to focus my skills on another charity group – Knit Wits at Midwest CareCenter. The group creates comfort items like blankets for patients throughout the organization.

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